7 Ways to Fail at Photography (or anything). Part 2 – Indecision

7 Ways to Fail at Photography (or anything). Part 1 – Lack of Focus
June 21, 2019
Test Shoot with Britney Byfield
July 3, 2019
indecision noun 
  /ˌɪn·dɪˈsɪʒ·ən/ also indecisiveness, /ˌɪn·dɪˈsɑɪ·sɪv·nəs/
the quality of being unable to make a decision or having a lot of difficulty in deciding something:
“she was rooted to the spot, torn by indecision”

Should I set up this photo shoot or do the one I wanted to do last year? Should I book the Hoboken studio or the one in Brooklyn?

What if the studio sucks or isn’t as good as I thought? What time of day should it be? First light or sunset?

What lens should I use? The one I need to rent or the one I have? So and so uses this one so maybe I should too?

Should I use this model or the one from Gramercy Park? What if they cancel last minute? What about this? What about that?

I could go on for pages with shit like this.

These are a few of the things I say to myself when I get past the idea phase and start thinking about execution.

I’m great at ideas. I’m horrific at execution. Ideas are cool but executing is where its at.

This seems like basic shit to me but for some reason I always go through this before I do something. Then I never end up doing that something.

In this example, its almost ridiculous since I’m talking about doing a test shoot. Its called a test shoot because its to test someting. A lighting technique or new lens or whatever. It doesn’t really matter to anyone but me. I’m testing my ideas. Why the shit should I be that worried? If it doesn’t work I’ll move on to something else. Or, if I’m still into the idea, I’ll tweak and redo.

What happens if it works?

Should I write this blog post? What if it sucks? It might.

What if it doesn’t? What if this or what if that? Who cares!


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