About James Stewart

This is one of the few pics of me during a competition. I’m usually the one on the other side of the lens. Ever since my father gave me his Nikon N200 I have been addicted to photography. Soon after taking photography classes in high school, I bought myself a small enlarger and set up a makeshift darkroom directly on top of my parents washer and dryer. Very convenient for me, not really for my mother. Photo processing chemicals and nice clothes don’t mix! She also got tired of seeing a “do not enter” sign on the laundry room. After high school I attended Bloomsburg University as a criminal justice major. Just as I had become pretty deep into that major I realized I was miserable in criminal justice major and no longer wanted to become law enforcement. I quickly switchedmy major to fine art photography.

After Bloomsburg, I returned to work as an auto mechanic. Photography fell by the wayside for a very long time. Fast-forward almost 7 years. My Crossfit™ gym gave me a 3-month unlimited membership in exchange for shooting their competition. I would say that after I came home from my first wod(which just so happened to be Fran) I realized that I was addicted to Crossfit™. Thank you Crossfit Warwick! Photographing Crossfit™ has been and will continue to be a totally awesome experience! Being a crossfitter, what better subject matter could there be to shoot than strength, sports and fitness?